The Helping Hand Dog Sling

Safely restrain and suspend your pets during the grooming process with the Helping Hand Dog Grooming Sling. The Helping Hand Dog Grooming Sling allows your pet to relax making for an easier and safer pet grooming experience.

Sizing Chart & Pricing



13 inches front to back. Would fit all toy breeds. Example Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Chihuahua,Maltese, Shih Tzu. Weight range 3-14 pounds.

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20 inches front to back. Would fit large toy breeds. Example Poodles, Silky, Terrier's Weight range 10-15.

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26 inches front to back. Example Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Poodles, Welsh Corgi's, Schnauzers. Weight range 25-50 pounds.

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Extra Large


28 inches front to back. Example Giant Schnauzers, Golden Retrievers, Most Sporting Dogs. Weight range 50-95 pounds.

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Customer Testimonials

I absolutely loved the Helping Hand Dog Sling when I first used one . It was great and convenient . It is very comfortable for the dog and they don’t seem to mind having one on when needed. I feel every groomer should have one handy just in case you may need a extra hand.
-R. Horst

Nancy spoiled her students by allowing us to use these slings during grooming school. With everything going on in a grooming salon, it was a relief knowing that -in any worse case scenario- the dog was safely restrained. As an added bonus, the dogs were more comfortable being restrained by the body as opposed to being restrained by the neck. The bottom line is that this sling increases safety and improves the overall grooming experience for both the groomer and the dog. While typical neck restraints allow excited dogs to move and spin, this sling allows the groomer to elevate the dog. When this happens, it is so much easier to work on the pads of the feet and the toenails because the dog cannot move around. I recommend the “Helping Hand Dog Sling” to any groomer who values safety and would like some convenience throughout their day. In general, I hope this sling brings awareness and initiates change in what is considered “safe” in the pet grooming industry.
-S. Craig

Helping hand dog sling is a great product every groomer should have one in the shop we’re only human we only have two hands as us groomers know it’s great to have a extra hand and this product helps tremendously as well as keeping your clients fur baby safe. Nancy let me use helping hand dog sling and this is an excellent product.

Nancy’s “Helping Hand Dog Sling” is a must for every groomer who wants to have the ability to secure their clients’ dogs in a safe and secure way. The sling allows you to lift dogs off of your table safely and comfortably. This keeps the dogs from getting traction on the table, which is very important, especially when it’s time to cut their nails. The comfort factor is also key. I have found that my clients’ dog are so relaxed in the sling, a lot of times they take a nap making it even easier for me to groom their legs and feet. As I stated, the “Helping Hand Sling” is a must for every groomer.
-Tammy Sablack

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